1,500 police officers were stationed at Idgah in Bengaluru because of the SC's status quo judgment for Ganeshotsav. - Scoop Beats

1,500 police officers were stationed at Idgah in Bengaluru because of the SC’s status quo judgment for Ganeshotsav.

Adv Parikshit Sharmaby:


The Supreme Court ordered the authorities to stop allowing Ganeshotsav festivities at Bengaluru’s Idgah Maidan, therefore the Karnataka Police deployed over 1,500 police officers there.

To prevent any unexpected incident, 900 constables, 130 sub inspectors, 126 assistant inspectors, and 47 inspectors have been stationed at the location.

Additionally sent were 10 platoons of the Karnataka State Reserve Police (KSRP), a squad of 100 special ammunition experts, and 120 members of the Rapid Action Force (RAF).

The Chamarajanagar Citizens’ Forum has said that it will follow the Supreme Court’s ruling and will no longer pursue legal action to pressure the government to permit them to celebrate Ganeshotsav at Idgah.

The Forum’s president, Rame Gowda, declared that the group will continue to fight in court and that he is convinced they will win in the near future.

The Ganesh Chaturthi event was permitted in the Hubballi Idgah maidan thanks to a decision made by the Dharwad municipal commissioner, which was confirmed by the Karnataka High Court.

Justice Ashok S. Kinagi stated in a late-night decision that the plaintiff Anjuman-e-Islam was just a freeholder and that the premises belonged to the Dharwad municipality.

The festival was to be held on-site, per the municipal commissioner’s directive. The Islamic organisation contested the ruling. According to Anjuman-e-Islam, the disputed property was protected under the Places of Worship Act, 1991, which forbids the conversion of any religious place of worship.

The court concluded in its ruling that the property wasn’t a house of worship and that the only times that prayers were permitted there were during festivals like Bakrid and Ramadan. The location serves as a market and a parking lot the rest of the time.

After the Supreme Court ordered a status quo in the matter of Bengaluru’s Eidgah land, Anjuman-e-Islam filed the plea.

The high court ruled that this case did not fall under the Supreme Court’s ruling maintaining the status quo at Bengaluru Chamrajpet Ground.

The court emphasised that the Hubballi ground belongs to the municipality, which Anjuman-e-Islam has already recognised, in contrast to the Chamrajpet problem, which includes a dispute over land ownership.

It had stated that the Bengaluru Idgah issue might be brought up in front of it if a Supreme Court decision had been made regarding it.

The Ganesh Chaturthi festival that was scheduled to be observed by the state government had to be postponed after the supreme court ruled status quo in the Bengaluru case.

The Hubballi case made reference to the issue. At 10:00 p.m., Justice Kinagi heard the case in his official chamber. At 11.15 p.m., he dictated the instructions after hearing from the parties, including the state government advocate.


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