500 Casino, originally known as CSGO500 takes over the crypto gambling space

The digital asset space has penetrated into every market, including gambling.

Cryptocurrencies have brought in a host of benefits for many, having established its strong presence over numerous sectors. Gambling is one industry which is prohibited and in order to access it without any jurisdiction restrictions cryptocurrencies have been brought in. In the majority of countries, any transactions involving deposits in dollars may raise suspicion from regulatory authorities. This makes things difficult and especially for areas like gambling, it is all the more tough. Transactions through cryptocurrencies provide an anonymity mask and makes it easier for players to deposit and withdraw funds with ease. This has given rise to many crypto gambling websites where players can easily place their bets via these digital assets, making it safe for gambling enthusiasts across the globe.

500 Casino, more popular as CSGO500 is one such licensed CSGO and cryptocurrency gambling website that has a number of exciting game modes. The platform operated under the name CSGO500 for several years, but have now rebranded themselves as 500 Casino as now they are more focused around the cryptocurrency sphere. They established in the year 2016 as one of the foremost CSGO gambling sites, and still hold the top slot as one of the top CSGO skin gambling websites till date. 500 Casino now supports many online casino game providers and has a vast selection of games such as slots and much more. The majority of their traffic comes from referrals which means there are regular users and visitors, which proves its popularity to a great extent.

Like all other websites operating around the gambling sphere, a CSGO500 code can help you get a few free coins. However, new players can also get free coins to place test bets. Players receive 1000 free coins in addition to 50 coins as a bonus for every referral. There are also a host of giveaways and rewards offered by CSGO500 alongwith a quick and easy deposit and withdrawal feature which makes it all the more legitimate and improves its credibility. This is perhaps one of the most spectacular cryptocurrency gambling website that has created a huge user base within a short time of its launch.

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