74th Republic Day celebration: People stunned after a spectacular flypast by 50 aircraft.

74th Republic Day

On the occasion of the 74th Republic Day, the Indian Air Force (IAF) presented a spectacular flypast and air display with 50 aircraft and helicopters of the three forces – Air, Navy, and Army.

This included 45 aircraft of the Air Force, one from the Navy, and four helicopters of the Army that exhibited their aerobatics and professional skills.

  • Baaz, comprising three MiG- 29 ac formations flew in the VIC echelon.
  • Prachand, which comprised an LCH AC in lead with two Apache Helicopters and Two ALH Mk-IV ac in echelon flew in five ac Arrow Formation.
  • After Prachand, a Tiranga formed by five Sarang (ALH) flew in the Ladder Formation and streamed the Tricolour.
  • Composing a Dakota ac in lead with two Dornier ac in the echelon, a Tangail was formed that flew in ‘vic’ formation.
  • After Tangail, the Vajraang comprising one C-130 with four Rafale flew in Abreast formation.
  • Later, the ‘Garuda’ formed with IL 38 SD, and AN32 ac flew in Vic formation.
  • Forming an Arrow while flying, the Netra consisting of 1 x AEW & C ac with four Rafale ac in echelon also flew.
  • Bheem, comprising one C-17 ac with two Su-30 ac in echelon streamed fuel and flew past in ‘Vic’ formation.

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  • Amrit, comprising six Jaguar ac, flew the water channel North of Kartvya Path in the form of an Arrowhead.
  • For the formation of Trishul, three Su-30 Mki ac at 900 kmph flew over the water channel North of Kartvya Path along with the IAF Marching Contingent. Approaching the Dais, the formation pulled up outwards for Trishul manoeuvre.
  • Vijay, one Rafale ac also flew in at 900 kmph behind the Trishul formation over the water channel North of Kartavya Path. The aircraft pulled up for Vertical Charlie and carried several turns while approaching the Dais.

President Droupadi Murmu led the nation on Thursday in celebrating the 74th Republic Day from the Kartavya Path.

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi was the Chief Guest at the parade.


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