Allegations of Delhi Businessman’s Involvement in Bollywood Actor Satish Kaushik’s Murder.

Allegations of Delhi Businessman's Involvement in Bollywood Actor Satish Kaushik's Murder.

A complaint has been filed by a woman claiming to be the wife of a Delhi-based businessman, alleging that her husband was involved in the murder of Bollywood actor and director Satish Kaushik. According to the complaint, Kaushik had invested Rs 15 crore with her husband for investment purposes in Dubai, but when Kaushik demanded the money back, her husband refused to repay it.

Events Leading up to the Murder

The woman claims that on August 23, 2022, Kaushik visited their house in Dubai and demanded the return of the money her husband owed him. A heated argument ensued between Kaushik and her husband, during which Kaushik claimed he had given her husband a promissory note. The woman alleges that her husband told Kaushik that the payment was made in advance and hence there was no proof of it, but he was ready to repay it for which he needed time.

Evidence of Planned Murder

The woman alleges that the murder of Kaushik was planned and that her husband conspired with his aides to murder Kaushik with drugs to avoid having to pay back the money. She cites the presence of underworld don Dawood Ibrahim’s son at the party where a photo of Kaushik and her husband was taken as evidence of a premeditated crime. She also claims that her husband deals with various kinds of drugs.

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Police Investigation and Questioning of Witnesses

The police have recovered some ‘medicines’ from the farmhouse where Kaushik attended a party before his death, reportedly due to cardiac arrest. The police are planning to summon 25 persons who attended the party at the farmhouse for questioning. At present, the police have not commented on the matter.

The woman’s claims suggest that the murder of Satish Kaushik was not a natural death but a premeditated crime committed by her husband, who allegedly owed the actor money. The police investigation and questioning of witnesses will hopefully reveal more information about what happened at the party and the events leading up to Kaushik’s untimely death.

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