Arvin Raj Mathur, Indian-origin man, charged for threatening US College Professors

Arvin Raj Mathur, Indian-origin man, charged for threatening US College Professors

Arvin Raj Mathur, a 32-year-old Indian-origin man and former graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, has been arrested in Detroit for threatening nine members, including professors at his alma mater. He warned them that he planned to hide the flesh of their children in burger meat, according to media reports.


Mathur was arrested on Friday at Detroit Metropolitan Airport by federal agents and is being held temporarily without bond, The Detroit News reported. He is currently scheduled for a court hearing on Tuesday.


Authorities said Mathur emailed threats from outside the US to nine Wisconsin residents, and he has been charged with interstate or foreign threat to injure. He made an initial appearance in federal court in Detroit on Saturday.


In one of the emails, Mathur threatened to murder the children of two people he had threatened and hide their flesh inside of their burger meat. He also sent an email to an assistant professor with the Wisconsin college’s anthropology department with the subject line, “We are going to kill your daughters.”


Mathur was in Michigan’s St. Clair County Jail on Sunday following his arrest after travelling from Copenhagen, where he was enrolled at a university, the report said. Police in Wisconsin obtained Mathur’s Gmail address from the University of Wisconsin-Madison database, and the address matched the one used to send three emails to other victims last month, according to the investigator.

“Mr. Mathur is presumed innocent, and we’ll await future proceedings to comment further,” his defence lawyer, Amanda Bashi, wrote in an email to The Detroit News.

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