As Tesla launches its charging network, Joe Biden gives Elon Musk rare praise.

Tesla Elon Musk

Elon Musk decision to allow other electric vehicles to use a portion of Tesla Inc.’s charging network was hailed as a “big deal” by President Joe Biden, signaling a potential thaw in the usually chilly relationship between the billionaire and the White House.

Earlier in the day, it announced that 7,500 of Tesla’s charging stations across the US would made accessible to all-electric vehicle users by the end of 2024. Biden tweeted on Wednesday, citing this announcement, “We have to ensure that as many chargers work for as many drivers as possible in building our EV charging network.”

We must make sure that as many chargers as the possible function for as many drivers when constructing our EV charging network.

“That’s a big deal, and it’ll make a big difference,” Biden said, alluding to the famous phrase he uttered nearly 13 years ago when he was vice president to Barack Obama and they secured enactment of the historic health care law.
The comments offered rare praise for Musk, the chief executive officer of Tesla, who has had a combative relationship with the president since he took office.

“Thank you, Tesla is happy to support other EVs via our Supercharger network,” Musk replied to Biden.
Even when talking about the auto industry or his administration’s efforts to promote electric vehicles, Biden has rarely mentioned Musk or Tesla. Musk upset by events where the White House promoted electric vehicles while ignoring Tesla’s market share. He claimed that Biden was “unable to say the word ‘Tesla'” in a tweet from 2022.

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Musk tweeted that “Biden is treating the American public like fools” after the vice president invited the heads of General Motors and Ford to the White House without inviting Musk’s Tesla. The president is “a damp sock puppet in human form,” he continued.
Last June, in response to a retort from Musk about the state of the economy, Biden wished Musk “lots of luck on his trip to the moon.”



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