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Bilkis Bano on Convicts’ Release: “Shaken Faith in Justice, I’m Numb,” Calls on Government to “Undo Harm”

Rajesh Gandotraby:


In a statement on Wednesday, Bilkis Bano, a survivor of the Gujarat post-Godhra riots in 2002, claimed that the early release of all 11 convicts serving life sentences in a case involving her and seven family members has damaged her faith in the justice system and “left her numb.”

The BJP government in Gujarat authorised their release under its remission policy on August 15, and all 11 of the defendants who had been given life sentences in 2002 for the gang rape of Bilkis Bano and the death of her seven family members during the riots left the Godhra sub-jail.

She criticised the action, claiming that no one had checked on her safety and well-being before to making “such a large and unjust decision, “requesting that the Gujarati government “reverse this injury” and restore her right to “live in peace and safety.”

“Two days ago, on August 15, 2022, when I learned that the 11 convicted men who destroyed my family and my life and stole my three-year-old daughter from me had walked free, the trauma of the previous 20 years washed over me again, “In a statement issued on her behalf, Bilkis Bano was quoted by her lawyer Sobha.

She claimed that the government’s choice had rendered her numb.

“I had no words to say.” The victim of gang rape and the murder of her family members during one of the bloodiest riots brought on by the Godhra train fire tragedy claimed, “I am still numb”.

How can justice for any woman end like this, is all she has to say right now, according to her? “I had faith in our country’s highest courts. I had faith in the system and was gradually learning how to cope with my trauma. My peace of mind and trust in justice have been violated by the release of these criminals”, Bilkis Bano stated.

“My grief and shaky faith are not just for me, but for every woman battling for justice in the courts, “She spoke. After the prisoners are released, the survivor begged the state government to guarantee her protection and the safety of her family.

“I beg the Gujarat Government to repair this damage. Give me back the freedom to live in peace and safety. I ask that you please keep my family and I safe “Added she. After receiving a directive from the Supreme Court to take into account the 11 convicts’ request for relief under the 1992 remission policy, the Gujarat government released all of them.

All 11 defendants in the case for gang rape and murder received life sentences from a special CBI court in Mumbai on January 21, 2008. Later, Bombay High Court upheld their conviction.

After serving more than 15 years in jail, one of these criminals petitioned the Supreme Court for an early release. The Gujarat government was instructed by the highest court to investigate the possibility of reducing his sentence in accordance with its 1992 policy based on the date of his conviction. The administration then convened a committee and issued a decree permitting the early release of all the prisoners.


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