CBSE to introduce changes in class 10th and 12th exam pattern

We can see that CBSE is working on to lessen the burden and stress on the students for the board exams. As the board exam dates are coming close, more initiatives are being taken by the CBSE.

On Monday the parliament was informed that CBSE will make significant changes in the exam pattern to make the exam stress free for students. The changes will be applied to both class 10 and class 12.

These are the changes that will be seen this year in the exam pattern.

Changes in the question paper

Students will now get 15 minutes extra for reading the question paper. The question paper will also have 33 per cent options and more questions on high-order thinking skills in comparison to questions based on rote memorisation.

Internal assessment

The theory will be of 80 marks and rest 20 marks for internal assessment. These internal assessment marks will be for those subjects which do not have any practical marks.

Fewer questions

The board will ensure that the paper does not have many questions and the students do not find it lengthy to attempt within the time period of 3 hours.

Marking scheme

It will ensured that the students are given marks based on the creativity, relevance and correctness of the answer.

Two-level mathematics

The board has introduced two-level mathematics for class 10 students. This is to cater to a different kind of learners and to allow different level of testing. Apart from this, it will also reduce the stress level of the children.

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