Donald Trump said this about the health of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un

Donald Trump

Is North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un alive or has he died? Today the whole world wants to know the answer to this question. US President Donald Trump says he is ‘better informed’ about Kim Jong-un’s situation, but he cannot talk about it right now amid rumours about the North Korean leader’s poor health.

Donald Trump said that during a White House press conference on Monday, “I can’t tell you what exactly he (Kim Jong-un) is up to”. Yes, I have very good information about them, but I cannot talk about it right now. Right now I just wish him to be good. ‘

In fact, these days the market for such news is very hot that the health of North Korea dictator is not good. It is rumoured that he is no more. The rumours began when he did not appear on the 108th birthday (April 15) of his grandfather, North Korea founder Kim Il Sung. During this time it is also surprising that North Korea has not dispelled rumours of ill health of its ruler.

The American President said, ‘I have a very good relationship with Kim Jong-un. If I had not been President, you would have been at war with Korea. I am saying this with full confidence. And he hoped I could tell you this. ‘

However, there was a time when the US Army started the siege of North Korea. Kim Jong-un did not stop nuclear missile testing despite repeated warnings from the US. After this, the situation improved a bit after Trump and Kim met, but North Korea did not stop its missile test. Recently North Korea test-fired a short-range missile.

From Donald Trump’s talk, it seems that Kim Jong-un is alive, but he is not well. South Korea has also recently indicated that Kim Jong-un is alive.

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