Fevi Kwik Dadi passed away at the age of 87

How many of you remembered the Fevi Kwik Dadi, who wooed us from her acting in the ad. Her real name was Pushpa Joshi, and she began her career at the age of 85. It is interesting and amazing to have someone at this elderly age to entertain the fans. She left her fans o 26 November and this was sad news for all her fans. As per the report, she had a fractured after she slipped in her house. Thereafter she was hospitalized in Mumbai and was successfully operated.

She made her debut in the Bollywood at the age of 85, playing the role of Amma Ji in the movie Raid, which starred Ajay Devgan in the lead role. She gained fame after she acted in the movie named Zaayka which was produced by her son Ravindra and her daughter-in-law. She also thanked Ajay Devgan, Saurabh Shukla and the team for taking care of her.

“I thank god for giving me this opportunity. I am thankful to Ajay Devgn, Saurabh Shukla, and the team for taking good care of me. At first, I thought these stars must be haughty, but I was touched by the warmth and love they showered on me. I would have never imagined to even meet these stars, leave alone acting with them. I had a great time shooting in Lucknow,” she was quoted as saying by cinestaan.com.

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