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Finally WhatsApp’s launch Dark Mode feature for all Android and iOS users, this way to enable dark mode in your phone

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After a long time of beta testing, WhatsApp has finally launched out Dark Mode for all users of Android and iOS in official version. The eyes do not have trouble during chatting in dark mode. WhatsApp has given information about launching the Dark Mode feature from its Twitter account and blog post.

Facebook-owned instant messaging app WhatsApp had been testing dark mode for both operating systems for a long time. During this time its beta version was released for both Android and iOS. Now that it has been launched for all users, gradually this feature will be rolled out for all the users of WhatsApp more than 2 billion.

The company has said in its blog post that this feature has been designed in such a way that chatting on WhatsApp even in low light will not put pressure on the eye. The company has expressed hope that users will get rest even in that case when the phone turns on, the eyes are dazzled by its light. In addition, the dark mode also reduces the light emitted from the phone’s screen, which also costs the phone’s battery less.

The Dark Mode theme is available on both Android and iOS phones on WhatsApp. It is black on the iPhone app and darker gray color on Android. The long-awaited feature has been launched with a video titled “Finally. Dark mode on WhatsApp. , ”

How to enable dark mode feature in your phone ?

If this feature is not visible in your phone, then you can manually update WhatsApp from Google Play Store and App Store. Even after this, if you do not see the Dark Mode theme, then you can take help from the APK. Follow this step after installing the latest version of the app.

If you are Android 10 OS and iOS 13 user then it will look automatic in your phone, while Android 9 OS user will be able to enable it.

  • First of all, we have to go to the Settings option.
  • Then tap on Chats.
  • In Chats, tap on Display.
  • After tapping on the display, you will see the theme.
  • In this you choose and enable the Dark Theme.

According to the battery saving settings in Android 9, the light and dark theme will come in the settings, once the settings are enabled, you can restart your phone and get the Dark Mode feature.


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