Forbes’s survey ranks Dell as the best brand in India

Forbes has published the results of their India-TRA Research Survey, which ranked Dell as the best brand in India. According to the survey, Apple scored the 11th position while HP and Lenovo scored 14 and 23, respectively.

In terms of sales, Dell was in the third position after Lenovo and HP. As per the data shared by IDC, Dell currently holds around 20% of the market share. While the company saw a rise in enterprise sales, their customer sales dropped mainly due to the competition from companies like Acer and ASUS.

As we see consumers shifting entertainment and content consumption to smartphones, PCs are becoming a conscious purchase in India. Consumers are comfortable to wait for discounts and offers while looking to buy or upgrade their PCs.

– Jaipal Singh, associate research manager at IDC India

Windows laptops have dominated the Indian market, and Dell usually comes on the top, especially when ultrabooks are compared. India has seen an influx of laptop users in the past couple of years. According to IDC, the shipments touched 3.1 million in the three months ended September 30 this year.

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