Here’s Why Google removed Mitron app from Google Play Store

Big news for users who use the Mitron app. Recently this app has removed from Google Play Store. Let me tell you, Mitron app works like China’s short video sharing app Tiktok. Coffee has become increasingly popular among this app users. But, this app has running in controversies for a long time. Google has revealed the reason for removing this app from its play store.

According to Google, this app has many security flaws. Due to the security of the users, the company has to take this step. According to this policy of Google, it is against the policy to upload the content of other apps without making changes or adding some. But no official statement has been issued by the developers of Google or Friends app about it. Those who have downloaded the app on their phones due to the removal of the app from the Play Store. They may have problems. Therefore, users should uninstall this app immediately from their phones.

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According to sources, the developer of this app and a student of IIT Roorkee, Shibank Aggarwal bought the source code from a Pakistani coding company Qboxus. He then rebranded it and launched it as friends in India. Agrawal did not make any changes in coding or privacy policy. The Pakistani company named this app as tick and sold it to Agarwal at a very cheap price.

Source – Google 

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