In Delhi Civic Body, Mic Ripped Off, Bottles Fly: 10 Points

Delhi Civic Body

Delhi Civic Body: The election for a council that governs Delhi’s powerful municipal body was called off for the day after a 24-hour street fight in its assembly that involved the BJP’s mayoral candidate ripping off microphones during a clash with AAP members.

  1. Chaos erupted not long after councilors gathered in the assembly on Wednesday to elect Delhi’s new mayor, a deputy mayor, and a standing committee.
  2. Following the election of the mayor, which saw the AAP’s Shelly Oberoi defeat the BJP’s Rekha Gupta, members of the latter’s party protested the way the polls were being conducted.
  3. They alleged the AAP was taking “unlawful” steps like asking members to click photos of their votes and sending them in groups of eight to prevent cross-voting.
  4. The AAP accused the BJP of trying to “hijack” the civic body despite losing the municipal elections and, when thwarted, resolving to violence.
  5. Ms. Oberoi accused BJP members of trying to “attack” her in the assembly as the proceedings devolved into absolute pandemonium.
  6. “This is extremely shameful. We are not afraid of cross-voting at all, people from Delhi have given us the mandate and shown faith in us. They (BJP) have lost elections, they’ll be afraid,” she said.
  7. Physical scuffles and jostling took over the assembly as AAP members dug in and camped overnight, insisting that the standing committee elections be held.
  8. The party posted a video of Rekha Gupta ripping off and breaking microphones as BJP tried to end the elections. Members were also seen throwing bottles and dousing each other with water.
  9. The polls for the municipal office bearers of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) were being held after the Supreme Court blocked an attempt by the BJP to raise its election tally by having nominated members vote.
  10. The elections had been called off four times since the AAP defeated the BJP in the MCD elections in December, ending its 15-year rule.

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