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Khanewal lab declares 60-year-old man pregnant 

Ankit Singhby:


The news of an elderly woman becoming pregnant in Pakistan remains a matter of discussion on social media. A lab in Khanewal in Punjab province of Pakistan has declared a 60-year-old man pregnant.

In fact, an elderly man named Alla Bitta came to the DHQ Hospital for treatment. There he was asked to undergo a urine test. After this, the man went to undergo urine test in a private lab. But when the report came out, the family’s senses flew away. In the report, he was described as pregnant. When the information of this reached the government officials, they got shocked. So he started investigating the matter. The matter reached the Healthcare Commission of Pakistan.

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After the report was found wrong, the District Commissioner of Khanewal sealed the lab and arrested the owner of the lab, Amin. This lab is also near the DHQ Hospital. The Health Department, after conducting a thorough investigation of the lab, said that it was being run illegally without any license. No legitimate doctor worked here either. This lab was in operation for the last two years. When this news spread on social media, people made fun of the health system here. Some told it to be fake news and some blamed the government for it. People said that this is really surprising.

Many people also said that now how can people trust a lab report. Explain that due to poor health in the Punjab province of Pakistan, patients face a lot of difficulties. Many times, due to wrong report, wrong treatment leads to loss of lives. Please tell that due to poverty, people are unable to go to big hospitals here and easily get caught in the affair of fake doctors. Punjab is full of fake doctors and labs. The condition of government hospitals is also very pathetic.

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