Madhuri Dixit’s Mother Passes Away, Leaving Behind a Cherished Bond of Love.

Snehlata Dixit, the mother of Bollywood actress Madhuri Dixit, passed away on March 12, 2023, at their residence in Mumbai. Madhuri and her husband, Shriram Nene, announced the news and shared that her mother passed away peacefully surrounded by loved ones. The cremation is scheduled to be held on March 13 at a crematorium in Worli.

Madhuri Dixit has always been vocal about her bond with her mother, who treated her the same even after she became a successful actor. Madhuri shared how her mother scolded her if her room was messy and this was how she was raised.

Last year, on Snehlata Dixit’s 90th birthday, Madhuri shared a heartfelt note on social media, along with rare and unseen pictures of her mother. She acknowledged and credited her mother for everything she had done for her, and the lessons she taught her were her “biggest gift.”

In 2013, Snehlata Dixit surprised everyone during the recording of a song for the movie ‘Gulab Gang.’ Madhuri was asked to sing a song in the film, and when she came for the recording with her mother, they discovered that her mother was an excellent singer. Eventually, they got both Madhuri and her mother to sing a song in the film.

The world mourns with Madhuri Dixit and her family during this difficult time as they remember the loving bond between mother and daughter.

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