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MG Astor Introducing India’s First Car With Personal AI Assistant

Saqib Malikby:


Think of a world in which your car understands you, recognises your voice, and responds to it. Or, if you need information, your car will find it for you. Or, when you need it, it cracks jokes for you, making every situation more bearable. Think what would happen if that car was already here.

Introducing India’s First AI-Assistant-Enabled Car.

The Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) is a collection of safety and convenience features designed to improve driver comfort and road safety while also preventing or reducing the severity of potential accidents.

MG ASTRO Car Tech Divya

CREDIT: Tech Divya (YouTube)

ADAS can accomplish all of this by alerting the driver, implementing possible vehicle security measures, and simplifying driving controls.

Autonomous Level 2 features not only make driving more comfortable, but they also prioritise your safety. Level 2 allows the system to not only perform acceleration and braking functions but also to activate steering control to assist the driver.

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It can also actively steer the vehicle to keep it in the centre of the lane.

From the inside, Astor combines comfort and convenience in an unusual way. With many of the best features in the segment. It always provides ideal conditions for a relaxed and enjoyable journey.

Beyond a car, Astor’s aligned features transform it into a platform where you can endlessly explore new possibilities and enjoy your drives a little more each time.

MG Astor car white

CREDIT: Motoring World (Instagram)

Astor, with its unrivalled power and performance, provides unforgettable driving experiences.
It is powerful, agile, and exudes absolute authority in all situations.

MG Astor car red

CREDIT: Motoring World (Instagram)

Astor’s interiors exude a luxurious sense of spaciousness, refined with high-quality elements and eye-catching colour schemes. The cabin is a fusion of modern design and sophisticated comfort, thanks to the use of premium upholstery.

MG Astor car orange

CREDIT: Motoring World (Instagram)

Astor is designed to overcome any road obstacles with 49 safety features and cutting-edge radar and camera systems.

The segment-first autonomous level 2 features increase the layer of protection by alerting you at the appropriate time and keeping you in control at all times.

In the event of an emergency or key loss, use the digital key to unlock, lock, start, and drive your Astor. A mobile App is referred to as a Digital Key.


CREDIT: Aatish Mishra (Instagram)

MG ASTOR Partners


With Jio’s embedded sim in the Astor, you can enjoy seamless internet connectivity across the country. Enjoy JioSaavn-powered in-car entertainment as well.


MapMyIndia’s AI-powered maps engine and intelligent voice interaction system provide superior navigation.


Discover, book, and pay for parking from within your vehicle, even before arriving at your destination.


With this blockchain-protected digital passport of your Astor, safe driving can earn you a lower insurance premium or a higher resale value.

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