Nani discusses nepotism, compares himself to Ram Charan: ‘Audience always wants to see their idol’s sons…’

Nani compares Ram Charan

Nani compares himself with Ram Charan while answering a question on nepotism as he shot for a Telugu celebrity talk show along with Rana Daggubati.

Actor Nani, who celebrates his 39th birthday on Friday, recently shot for a Telugu celebrity talk show along with Rana Daggubati. Nani, who comes from a non-filmy background and has carved his path in the industry, compared himself with Ram Charan, while answering a question on nepotism. 

Both Nani and Rana were part of the chat show Nijam with Smita, which streams on SonyLiv. The show is hosted by singer Smita. Recently, a promo video featuring Nani as well as Rana talking about nepotism released.

Nani compared himself to Ram Charan when discussing the difference between being an insider and an outsider. He stated, “Nani’s first film will seen by one lakh people, while Charan’s first film will  seen by one crore people. The audience is to blame for encouraging nepotism because everyone wants to see their idol’s sons and daughters on the big screen.”

Rana also discussed nepotism in the same commercial. He expressed pride in carrying on the legacy. “If you can’t carry on your parents’ achievements and legacy, you’re doing your family a disservice,” Rana said.

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Meanwhile, Nani is preparing to release Dasara, his first pan-Indian project. The film, which originally shot in Telugu, will released on March 30 in Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, and Malayalam. Nani spoke about the film at the Dasara teaser launch event in January, saying it will be the Telugu film of the year, similar to how RRR was in 2022.

Speaking at the teaser launch, Nani said: “Last year, RRR came from Telugu cinema. KGF and Kantara came from Kannada cinema. I can confidently and with a lot of pride say that Dasara will come from Telugu cinema in 2023.”

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