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No DISCOUNTED LIQUOR in Delhi as of today due to the old excise policy

Adv Parikshit Sharmaby:


New Delhi: Beginning on September 1st, a new app and new stores will implement Delhi’s previous excise policy regime. The new excise policy, which replaced the privately owned liquor stores and was the subject of controversy, comes to an end with the previous one. With this, there would no longer be any private booze stores in the capital since they have been replaced by more than 300 Delhi government vends as of right now.

300 Delhi government stores will take over the retail sale of alcohol

Currently operating in the city are around 250 private liquor vends that were granted licences under the Excise Policy 2021–22, which has since been cancelled. A sizeable throng gathered outside several of the private shops selling stock because they were running promotions like “buy one, get one free.” Private licensees had already been informed by the Excise department that they would not be permitted to participate in retail booze sales after August 31.

To take advantage of the buy one, get one free promotion, people flocked to a vendor close to Welcome Metro station. The rebates and programmes formerly provided under Excise Policy 2021–22 will no longer be available, according to officials, as government undertakings will begin opening booze stores on Thursday.

On Thursday, the six privately owned stores in the IGI airport’s domestic terminal will be closed, which would limit availability. According to them, alcohol will be sold at the airport’s duty-free shops.

Under the Excise Policy 2021–22, there were approximately 650 private liquor vends, but later, the licence holders gave up their permits for a variety of reasons, including limitations on the opening of outlets in urban non-conforming zones.

Excise Policy 2021–22 revoked as a result of CBI investigation

The Delhi administration withdrew the Excise Policy 2021–22 last month after LG VK Saxena suggested a CBI investigation into suspected anomalies in its execution.

The establishment of more stores, according to Excise officials, will increase the availability of alcohol starting in the first week of September. “Nearly 250 private businesses will soon be replaced by almost 300 government stores. Due to the 500 shops that four Delhi government undertakings want to launch in the coming days, there will be more shops and the number will increase “a senior officer in the Excise department stated.

There will be a number of government kiosks at Metro stations and in shopping centres. The Delhi government undertakings, including the Department of Delhi State Civil Supplies Corporation Limited (DSCSC), Delhi State Industrial and Infrastructure Development Corporation (DSIIDC), and Delhi Consumer’s Cooperative Wholesale Store Ltd (DCCWS), have been given a target to open 700 liquor stores in the city by the end of the present year, in accordance with the officials.

mAbkaridelhi, a mobile app

Abkaridelhi, a smartphone app created by the Excuse department, will start operating in September and give customers information about the locations and hours of liquor outlets in their neighbourhood. The New Delhi Municipal Council had previously denied a request for the development of shops there, but the government agencies nonetheless managed to open stores there.

According to the officials, the government endeavours were successful in opening liquor stores in rented spaces in places like G Block Connaught Place, Gole Market, Khan Market, and Yashwant Place. According to a senior excise official, more than 360 alcoholic beverage brands were registered under the previous excise regime, which was in place before November 17, 2021, when the Excise Policy 2021–22 went into effect.

Delhi’s promotion of draught beer

The promotion of draught beer will also take place in Delhi when the city switches back to the previous excise regulation regime. According to authorities with the excise department, three to four microbreweries have also received permits and will begin operations in the first week of September.

“Given the high demand in the market, there are plans to establish microbreweries in Delhi to promote draught beer. In the foreseeable future, there will be an increase in microbreweries “a representative of Excise remarked. Under the Excise Policy, 2021–2022, the government had granted private bidders zonal licences for 849 liquor vends located throughout the city. In June and July, about half of them had given up their licences.

The transition back to the previous excise regime won’t be simple in the beginning, according to Vinod Giri, Director General of the Confederation of Indian Alcoholic Beverage Companies (CIABC). A lot of L1 licences already in place, which is a plus. According to him, 240–260 stores will likely open on day one and 500 will do so within a month.

He claimed that some unanticipated and unjustified consequences resulted from the move to sell alcohol in all government retail locations. These transitional difficulties are the result of an abrupt transfer. He remarked, “We hope government maintains intensity to address problems without delay.”

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