PM Narendra Modi addressed the public meeting in Kasganj on Friday and appealed to give CM Yogi a chance again.

PM Narendra Modi addressed the public meeting in Kasganj on Friday and appealed to give CM Yogi a chance again.

PM Narendra Modi : Campaigning of all the parties is in full swing in the second phase of the assembly elections being held in UP. PM Modi roared in Kasganj, apologized for the delay. He also spoke on the trends of the first phase. PM Narendra Modi addressed a public meeting in Kasganj on Friday and sought votes for BJP.

‘Families can’t think outside the family’

PM Modi said, ‘When there is a government of the poor, it works on the path of development for all. But when the extreme familyists live in the government, they cannot even think outside their family.

Addressing the people, the PM Narendra Modi said –

‘Very family members have put such criminals in the election field, who are sitting with you. To defeat these criminals, goons, you have to vote unitedly for BJP candidates. Never give criminals a chance to take revenge. The Prime Minister said, the security environment that Yogi ji has given in UP has opened a new door of prosperity. Every section of the society should work hard, progress, the environment which is necessary for this, Yogi ji government has given that environment.

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PM Modi said, today you have such a Chief Minister on whom even opponents have never tried to accuse corruption. The people of UP are well aware of the allegations against the chief ministers who have been here before. The Prime Minister said, ‘I also want to caution the people of UP. These family members are so upset at this time that they are determined to stop all the schemes going on for the poor first. So, never give chance to such people.

PM Narendra Modi said –

‘These people used to do scams in the name of healthcare. But Yogi ji government has laid a web of hospitals and medical colleges. Whatever is happening in Yogi ji government, it has never happened in India. PM Narendra Modi said, ‘Families filled their house, their vault but never worried about the poor. The life of the poor should made easy, these people neither wanted it earlier, nor want it today. The blessings and love you are giving to Modi and Yogi ji has made these family members sleepless.

‘In the first phase, the public blessed the lotus’

Narendra Modi said, ‘Yesterday the first phase of polling in UP has been completed. People have come out of their homes in large numbers to keep UP safe, for the development of UP, and have voted for lotus in huge numbers. So much effort, these people tried to divide you, to separate you in the name of caste, but these people failed.

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