Priyanka Gandhi wants to make India a Muslim nation

A picture of Priyanka Gandhi is in a lot of discussion on social media, in which she is seen sitting with a group of people, and youth in the crowd has a poster saying, “Move CAB, Make this country a Muslim nation. It is clear from this that Priyanka Gandhi is in support of making our India a Muslim nation soon.

The internet is flooded with fake news related to nationwide protests against the Citizenship (Amendment) Act. Now, a photo of Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi is being circulated on social media. In which Priyanka Gandhi can be seen sitting with a group of people and is also seen reading a poster in the crowd. In which it is written that CAB desperation, make this country become a Muslim nation (remove) CAB, it is clear that Priyanka Gandhi wants to make India a Muslim nation.

This picture was clicked on 16 December when Priyanka sit with other Congress workers on a protest at Delhi’s India Gate in support of the students of Jamia Millia Islamia University. Who was allegedly beaten up by police during anti-CAA protests?

Until the filing of this post, this post has been shared more than 400 times. The archived version can be seen here.

We could not find the exact image on the internet. But some photos, similar to the viral one, are available. They show the same people. Those who are sitting behind Priyanka and holding posters, which read, not sticking sticks, do employment roti.

Such a photo was also used by the news agency United News of India in a report.

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