Producers Neeti Preeti Simones accused by Abhishek Walia for not paying dues

Abhishek Walia is a writer and standup comedian in Bollywood. He made his debut by on Tv with the Great Indian Laughter Challenge. Right after graduation, he was given the job as a data analyst at American express. 

Abhishek Walia recently accused the two producers, Neeti and Preeti Simones, for not paying his dues. He did so by posting a post on Facebook with the screenshots of a conversation between them. Walia stated that he was a part of their movie Mast on a monthly basis; however, he only worked for ten days. He went on to say that he ended up working for the movie within ten days. After he left his job as the writer from the movie, he asked Neeti for clearing his dues. To which the producer said to contact her accountant. He goes on saying that their accountant keeps on telling him that Neeti is not in the country, and the payment will be made once she gets back.

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