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Roshni Patel Vasram discusses media and health!



Miss Roshni Patel Vasram, the imaginative, enthusiastic, and ambitious founder of, has triumphed over adversity to build UrbanAsian into a prominent multimedia and news website.

When Patel was diagnosed with epilepsy at the age of 13, the odds were stacked heavily against her. She has battled epilepsy since she was a child and has defied the odds, including the voices of naysayers who thought her condition would prohibit her from achieving long-term success.

Patel has been the CEO of for nine years, having started her career at a radio station owned by her father, Mahesh. Patel has built the website and connected it with new audiences as an imaginative and enthusiastic leader, making it a major online destination for entertainment and lifestyle news.

For its wide coverage of celebrity gossip, movies, and female entrepreneurship, UrbanAsian, now one of the leading news platforms in the United States, continues to develop in the entertainment and leisure industries. Patel will lead UrbanAsian into the next decade, with a lot to do in 2020, when the website celebrates its tenth anniversary.

Patel is no stranger to the spotlight and the entertainment world, having hosted the IIFA in Tampa and the Bollywood Oscars. She has been heavily involved in the industry, producing films in the United States and assisting with international distribution.

Roshni has a master’s degree in Integrated Marketing Communication and now consults on the branding of other people’s consumer goods and services.

“Don’t let people put you down in life,” Patel said. “Even if you have a condition, you must strive for the best.” Don’t let a medical ailment keep you from achieving your goals. “Anything is possible if you put your mind to it.”

This October, UrbanAsian will celebrate its 12th anniversary, not only by being open for a decade but also by launching a fun and interactive app for people of all ages!

“The digital media world is evolving at such a rapid pace that it might be difficult to stay up. The objective is to continuously coming up with new ways to keep people interested.”

Roshni also emphasises the need of focusing on mental health stories like hers. We want to normalise the lack of contact and conversations in the South Asian community by producing tales about people and teaching the viewers, she says.

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