Sara Ali Khan was trolling for a new bikini pose

Sara Ali Khan has posted a new bikini picture with her brother Ibrahim.

Most fans on social media who have objected to the photo have no problem with their beachwear, but they are confused about the pose that the actress beat her brother.

Sara had posted pictures to wish her brother a happy birthday. In a snapshot, Sarah slaps on Ibrahim, who most netizens feel is quite uncomfortable with the pose. They pay attention to her body language in the photo, particularly her hand posture, which they think reveals the teenager’s discomfort, as well as her expression.

One user wrote, “His brother is not comfortable … Look at his hand … not Sara … You are not expected …”.

Others said that stardom has started affecting Sarah, and blamed her inadequate upbringing. Fame and money get people down to such an extent, never thought, if children don’t know that at least the elder should tell what is wrong and what is right, the culture is going towards worse.

Another user felt that it was inappropriate for siblings. Thought it was his partner then realized. How she is dressed, but everything is wrong with the pose, please notice the weirdness in her face, there is a hand around her, the user wrote.

Source: News18 

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