See hilarious comments of people on Mark Zuckerberg’s post Congratulated Sister Randi on Facebook For Awards

When Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg took to his Facebook to congratulate his Sister Randi Zuckerberg on having won Two Tony Awards for her Broadway musicals, Indians and other Asians are milled around in huge numbers to take a dig at Randi’s name, because obviously that was the only aspect about the announcement which was worth our time and energy

have you even felt that Indians often fail to understand where to draw the line when it comes to getting a kick out of somebody else’s discomfiture?We are always there, crouching behind the virtual veils for the next big slip of the tongue on national television, or waiting to ambush a nobody caught unaware amidst what makes us tick, to turn their lives into a living hell overnight.
we have done it quite often, on multiple occasions too. Always ready to pounce at the first opportunity to make our presence felt where our crass and unsolicited comments and opinions are not even invited .
sure enough Indians picked up on it and were quick to shred it to pieces, exposing their insensitivity and sense of entitlement on Mark’s post.
Look at these SS-

The thoughtful post shared by a brother who is  proud of his sister’s achievement lost  all its gleam as hundreds of peoples left their shitty comments on the post, making it cross the 21K mark within a few hours since the post went live.

thankfully some also spoke up against it, through the bigger voice had already taken over .

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