Sushant Singh left work with Savdhaan India

Sushant Singh tweeted on Tuesday morning that his association with the long-running TV show Savdhaan India was over. It was speculated that the development came after the actor’s participation in opposition to the Citizenship Amendment Act.

Sushant Singh was asked about the termination at the launch of his next project Rangbaz Firse. He said, “Well, I just learned last night that my contract is ending. I was not given any specific reason, and I do not even want to speculate. It may be a coincidence that it happened on the same day that I was present at the protest. I don’t know the reason for this, but the channel has the right to change the host.

When we reminded Sushant Singh that he responded to one of his followers by saying that it was a small price anyone could pay, to tell the truth, So he said yes, because I think if it was the result of my action, then that’s a minimal price I could pay. I am shaken by what I am doing and do not regret my actions.

Listen to what he said when we asked him why he stopped working in Savdhaan India after participating in the protest against the Citizenship Amendment Act. Many people have accused Bollywood celebrities of being silent about the recent CAA protests and the police action at Jamia Millia University. Asked if the fear of losing work makes people merely spectators, Sushant said, “I cannot take responsibility of others, but I believe I have a voice, and I will speak.” it is not that none of them has spoken, like Richa Chadha, Taaspee Pannu, Zeeshan Ayub and even Anubhav Sinha, who has been vocal about recent events. Those who felt wrong should say, Ginko Nahi, be silent. But this is his call, and we have to respect his opinion.

“As for fear of losing work, I cannot comment on the likes of others. But for me, I have a straightforward principle. I sell my talent, not my discretion. When my children grow up and ask me what I was doing when I was torturing students, I should have an answer.

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