The alumni requested Amit Shah to stop the police brutality beating students or resign


The alumni requested Amit Shah to stop the police brutality beating students or resign. Over 400 students and alumni of American institutions – including Harvard, Columbia, Yale, Stanford and Tufts – have been involved in protests on campuses in India. Has expressed his solidarity with the students of Jamia Millia Islamia University and Aligarh Muslim University, who have faced police crack over the weekend.

To take immediate steps to curb the students and alumni, ‘police vandalism or resignation’, told Home Minister Amit Shah on Tuesday. According to a statement condemning violence as a “gross violation of human rights” under the Constitution of India and International Human Rights Law.

Given that the right to protest was “the cornerstone of constitutional democracy” and protected as a fundamental right under Article 19 of the Constitution, The statement expressed deep concern about the Chief Justice of India, who called the protests against the Civil Amendment Act a ‘riot’ and marking this situation as one only for the police to handle as a law and order problem.

The statement said that I was molesting the police attack on the university campus, tear gas released in libraries and alleged molestation of women. It also condemned violence against protesters in Assam and shut down of internet in the state. Students and alumni demanded that police stop the violence and withdraw from the university campus altogether. He called for an independent investigation into the police action.

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