This Christmas you can also track the status of Santa Claus online

Santa’s season is here, and we’ve covered you with ways in which you can track where Mr. Claus is. It is no surprise that Google’s search company plays an important role in this, but Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa is also a helpful asset in answering all your Santa questions.

The oldest Santa tracker NORAD, started by CONAD in 1955, exists to this day, and some children and adults continue to rely on it. This Christmas, we look at these six trackers that will help you keep a tab on Santa Claus.

Narada Santa Tracker: Courtesy of the Northern Santa Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD), the original Santa Tracker, which is present, is all you need. The Norad Santa Tracker comes with games like Flying Santa, where players will collect all the gifts Santa will distribute to the children, music which is courtesy the US Air Force Academy, Band.

The Secret is a section dedicated to the Santa Files, which goes into the history of how NORAD – and its predecessor, Continental Air Defense Command (CONAD) – began the process of tracking Santa. It began with a misunderstanding of a newspaper advertisement that accidentally published a way for Santa to reach children in 1955 for Connad’s hotline. Subsequently, Canada’s chief of operations at the time asked his staff actually to check the radar for children. They called and the tradition stuck and the rest is what we know today.

Google Santa Tracker: It is a winter village with a countdown clock for Christmas. The timer indicates the amount of time for Santa Claus to begin his ride. It also includes some games, including users decorating Santa’s beard, designing their elf, playing games like Gumble Tile, creating their 3D winter village, and more.

Get updates from the North Pole: This can be done via Nest Home Display and Google Home devices. To do this, all a user needs to do is ask the Google device what’s happening in the North Pole. And asked to named dimple stocks will share some updates, which would look like they’re from a radio newscast.

Call a friend, not Santa: you can call Santa Claus through Amazon’s voice assistant or via Google’s voice assistants. If the user wishes to make a call through Google, they must ensure that they are connected to a Google Home or Nest device, and the phones are connected to Google Assistant. After making sure the user has to say, “Hey Google, call Santa.” Google will then call a switchboard, and the user will be connected to Santa.

If users choose to call through Amazon, they will have to ask Amazon’s offering Alexa to do so. Alexa will then connect to the Christmas Cheer Hotline, where the user will be told that Santa cannot take a phone call. However, Voice Assistant will connect with Holiday Carols.

Does Santa exist? 

Any voice assistant can’t give a clear answer to this question. When asked about Santa’s existence, Google Assistant would give various levels, including the answer, “If someone gives me a present, I won’t ask any questions.”

Apple’s voice assistant Siri usually ends by saying, This is something I’m not allowed to disclose. Amazon offering Alexa has an odd answer to this question as it responds by saying, I know someone is eating all my cookies.

Alexa’s Holiday Spirit: Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa can send Happy Holiday Wishes to all Alexa devices through the Alexa app. Users can also enable Norad Track Santa, but this requires permission through the application.

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