Twitter acting up again? Users at wits end when not being able to post a Thread

Twitter down

Twitter has flummoxed its users again. Over ten thousand users are not being able to post Twitter threads. The Twitter threads have crashed and crashed hard. What is the reason behind it? Is it a new feature being tested by the Elon Musk team, or is it a bug? Is it a conspiracy to gain the limelight again? Watch this space for more.

Twitter threads are where audiences post multiple tweets one after the other such that they become a thread or an article. The user can read the entire thread as an article. Since today morning this feature doesn’t seem to be working.

There are many users that reportedly said ➖

Twitter users expressed their outrage at the glitch that prohibited them from posting the thread, which led to the deletion of all they had typed.

In a spate of many such glitches and bugs since his takeover, Elon Musk is yet to realise and offer his quick wit on this problem. It will be interesting to know how users will now respond to this bug.

Reports indicate that users are experiencing various issues with the services of Twitter.

We reached out to Twitter team to ask about the apparent outage and related issues.

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