Twitter Gets ‘One Last Notice’ from Government

VORONEZH, RUSSIA – JANUARY 11, 2020: Twitter logo square icon with shadow

Twitter has been alerted by the government over new IT rules. The platform is yet to appoint wrong officers in the country.IT ministry brought its new regulations into place on May 26.

Non-compliance of New Intermediary Guideline Rules released by Twitter. The Union Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) on Saturday sent a final report to Twitter.

They asked them to obey immediately with the requirements of the new guidelines failing. It resultant consequences as enjoined in the law shall follow.

Ministry to the social media platform stated that the New Intermediary Guideline Rules have become successful from May 26.

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Reason for Twitter getting notice

Twitter is yet to nominate India based Chief Compliance Officer, Nodal Contact Person, and Grievance Officer.

“The supply for significant social media intermediaries under the Rules have already come into force on May 26 2021. It has been more than a week but Twitter has rejected to obey with the provisions of these Rules.

Such noncompliance will lead to unplanned consequences including Twitter losing exemption from liability under section 79 of the Information Technology (IT) Act, 2000. This has clearly been provided under rule 7 of the above Rules,” stated the letter.

It further said, “This is with recommendation to this Ministry’s letters dated May 26 2021 and May 28 2021. With regard compliance with the subject Rules and your corresponding responses dated May 28 2021 and June 2 2021.

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It also stated that it is clear from the reactions of Twitter that till date has not informed about the details of the Chief Compliance Officer. Added that the Resident Grievance Officer and Nodal Contact Person recommended by the social media platform is not an employee of Twitter.


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