Upcoming Revolutionary car in 2020 which can fly in the air.

UBER flying car

Now is the time when you will not need an aeroplane to go for a long journey, but far you will travel by air in your car. Such a vehicle has stepped out of the world of ideas into reality. Recently a similar car was launched in Florida, USA. Let’s know about the features of this car. But the Company has a condition of buying the cars will be that its buyer should have both pilot and driving license.

This car will have a 102-litre fuel tank, which can be carried up to 500 km in the air, while on the road it can cover a distance of 1200 km.

PAL-V, the manufacturer of this car, claims to have sold 70 cars so far. At the same time, the price of this car is Rs 4.3 crore, and the production of this car has started. But the company will also bring its cheaper version, which will be called PAL-V Liberty Sport and its price will be less than half of the current one.

The car is named Personal Air Landing Vehicle or PAL-V. The vehicle has rear propellers on top, which can be removed if not needed. The unique thing is that with the help of these propellers, this car can fly up to a height of 12,500 feet.

flying car

The company says that gasoline is required to run this car and on the air maximum speed of this car is 322 km per hour. On the road, this car can run at a rate of 161 km per hour. The vehicle can seat two people and has a four-cylinder engine with 230 horsepower.

The speciality of this car is that it takes only eight seconds to catch a speed of 0 to 100 km. The company has made the car in such a way that its blades are twisted by just pressing a button. This car is being called the world’s first ‘drive and fly’ car.

The company says that this car needs a 540-foot runway to fly, whereas it only needs a 100-foot runway for landing. This car has a handle like a bike so that it can be easily controlled both on the road and in the air.

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