Urmila Matondkar Give This Challenges to Kangana Ranaut

Bollywood actresses Kangana Ranot and Urmila Mantodkar have come out in front of the drug case in the industry. Kangana claimed a few days ago that 99% of people in Bollywood take drugs. This statement of the actress has created a ruckus since then. Many celeb reactions have come after Kangana’s statement. Some of which say that yes, drugs run in Bollywood. So, some have targeted Kangana’s statement, calling it wrong.

During a conversation with India Today, Bollywood actress Urmila Matondkar also condemned Kangana’s statement and said that ‘the person who has given Y-security from taxpayers’ money’. Why does she not inform the police about the drug link? ‘ Now Urmila has challenged Kangana that if she tells the name of Bollywood drug mafias, then she will support Kangana herself.

Speaking to India Today, Urmila said, “Kangana should do good to the industry and disclose big names whom she has said she knows drug mafias. Where is that name? I really want to tell Kangana to come forward and disclose those names. Everyone should know. If they did, then I would the first girl to support them. I will support you first.

Earlier, Urmila had said, ‘The whole country is suffering from drugs. Does he (Kangana) know that Himachal is a stronghold of drugs? They should start this fight from their home state.’ The actress further said, “Why the person who has given Y-Security by the taxpayer’s money, does not give the information of the drug link to the police?”. There is no doubt that Mumbai belongs to everyone.

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Anyone who has loved the city has received love from the city. I will not tolerate a single insult against this city. Whenever you make such a statement, you do not insult the city, but a large number of people living there.

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