Virat kohli has right to say he wants Ravi shastri as a head coach.

In a press conference a news paper journalist

asked virat:
Bcci has invited applications for new co
Which probably come in mid August so
going forward if given a chance to consult 
You before appending couch last time and
If you have a given opportunity you will 
Want Ravi to continue come back again. 
So Virat said that:
Look the cac has not contact me yeat
If they tell me we want your opinion 
Yes i will definitely go and speak to them
And Ravi bhai all of us have a great 
Camaraderie everyone and the team share
Mutual respect and you know  
We done really good together as a group 
So definitely we very happy  Ravi bhai continues 
As a coach.
But as i said these upon the cac to seek my advice or opinion if they want.

Image source- ICC
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