Why are we blaming the rapist when the fault is within our system |Priyanka Reddy murder case

The police might have saved the 27-year-old daughter from being brutally raped and burned to death, but as usual, Police didn’t act on time. From the past few days, we are seeing posts on social media and newspapers related to the rape case but no one is showcasing the dark side of it. So here it is-

The victim’s family believed that the Police could have saved their daughter if they would have acted on time. When the family of the victim went to the Police to get them to find their missing daughter the police replied that their daughter might have eloped with someone. Not only this, they first went to Rajiv Gandhi International Police Station which is the nearest to their house. Police traced the last location of Priyanka and told the family that the location does not fall under their judiciary. They made them run from one police station to another because of the judiciary problem.

After several hours of filing the case, two constables were made to search for their daughter but they don’t find her. Still the story isn’t complete. Mohammed Mahmood Ali who is the home minister of Telangana state blamed Priyanka Reddy for her death. He commented that in spite of calling her sister that night, she should have called the police instead.

Even after years of Independence, girls are not safe to walk in the country at night. Hyderabad which was considered the safest city for girls, but now is not the safest. This incident had shaken the country with grief and empathy for the victim.

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