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Windows XP is still being used for ATMs security

Saqib Malikby:


A group in India targeted many ATMs and took money from them remotely, leaving no trace of the activities. In all of the cases, the police suspect theft of more than Rs. 30 lakh.

According to a study from Positive Technologies, ATMs are vulnerable to several fundamental attack approaches, which may allow hackers to steal thousands of dollars.

Researchers at the company looked at over two dozen various ATM types. They discovered that almost all of them are vulnerable to network or local access assaults, which might allow hackers to steal money from them.

Two Belarusian nationals have been arrested in connection with a series of ATM’ jackpotting’ incidents in which cash machines around Europe were illegally induced to disburse €230,000 ($273,000) in cash.

According to a news statement issued by Europol, attackers obtained access to ATM wires by “drilling holes or melting parts of it to physically link the machine to a laptop, which was then used to send relay orders that prompted the machine to dispense all of its cash.”

There are numerous ATM flaws

According to Malwarebytes, ATMs often have both physical and virtual weaknesses, despite being such a valuable target.

The information security firm noted in a 2019 guide to the ATM attack phenomenon that the cabinets that housed them weren’t particularly secure against physical attacks and that many ATMs still ran on Windows XP, lacked peripheral-OS encryption, and exposed a possible malware vector in the form of a USB port just behind the panel.

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Since hacker Barnaby Jack persuaded an ATM to discharge all its cash onstage at Black Hat USA in 2010, ATM exploits have been a recurring theme at security conferences.

Cyber security expert Sunny Nehra recently tweeted how banks lack sensitivity when it comes to securing their customers money.

After this Tweet, many Twitteratris shared their opinions:

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